Cam girl Chaturbate’s asiri_ocean ASMR video

asiri_ocean has holes and they were meant to be stretched out. She has plenty of bizarre objects that she wants to shove deep inside them for you. She loves to feel like she’s about to split herself in half. It’s what makes her feel like a woman. She was meant to be filled and she wants it to be as extreme as she can possibly make it. It’s not all about her pussy, though. In fact, she much more prefers to be penetrated in her asshole. She loves the way it makes her feel filthy and satisfied at the same time.

She’s a 29 year old bisexual who’s happy to sleep with other women as long as they have thick strap ons that can make her feel as full as a real cock. She stands at 5’ 5” and weighs in at 133 LBS. Her perfect figure measures in at 39-24-34 and her amazing tits are ready to fill out a DD cup for you. She likes to keep her pussy nice and trimmed. She doesn’t want anything to get in the way of your eyes while you stare at all of the filthy things she’s going to do to it for you.

If you have to ask what makes her special, it’s what she can do to her asshole. She loves to stretch it with anything she can force inside of it. Her favorite sex toy is a real bat. She can slide it deep into her back door and just love the sensations that it sends coursing through her sexy body. It’s what she craves while she’s out and about all day long. She needs to fill herself on a daily basis or she starts to feel empty inside and no one ever wants to see her sad.

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